Survey Results

The Bay Club survey is complete and thank you to the 217 intrepid members who took the time to give their input. These responses help us better understand what you do and do not value.

As we analyzed the responses, we considered any proposed idea with more than 90 “Yes” votes to be of interest to our members and, as such, intend to make those a priority consideration. There were 13 proposed ideas that received higher than 90 votes. The good news is that 10 of them are things that can be offered without any significant cost, and most were things we had already hoped to provide. These included stretching and yoga classes, a fitness center open house and training session, a garden party, a holiday party (next year), talks by interesting residents, outdoor concerts, dinners prepared by guest chefs and field trips to interesting sites.

Three of the longer-term ideas would potentially require both time to plan and investment to execute. Those three were 1) a restaurant and bar, 2) coffee bar/wine bar in the lobby and 3) a dock on the waterfront. We are currently experimenting with the Bay Club Bistro (operated by Dusty Green Cafe) and have plans for the coffee bar/wine bar idea. Our goal is to provide an additional benefit to our members at no or minimal additional cost, and thus far it seems well received. As we move forward, if there is strong desire by the membership for a waterfront dock, the Board would research to determine costs and feasibility (i.e., shoreline impacts) and propose options for financing it.

One final observation. We believe two years of Covid lockdown likely affected the responses as many of the most popular things had social interaction as a key component. Clearly, we have all missed getting together!

For those interested in the numbers, we have posted the full statistical results here. The Board is reviewing the written comments and taking those suggestions into account as well. Again, a sincere thank you to everyone who took the survey to make your voices heard.

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