SBCA Board of Directors

Bart Clark
Tom Sprandel
Vice President
Bruce Birch
Christine Spagle
Richard Grieves
Director at Large
Dave Jurca
Director at Large
Bill Wight
Director at Large
Mark Torres
GM & Ex Officio Member

  • Board Minutes
  • Annual General Meeting Minutes
  • Meetings: Second Thursday of the month, 9:30 AM, Dial-in number (US): (339) 209-6193
  • Nominations: April 30th 2021 is the deadline for members to declare their intent to run for the next board. Minutes of Aug 14, 2020 Submit your one page bio to Mark Torres bayclubxxxcablespeedxxxcomxxxBio for SBCA Board.

SBCA Governance

From the Master Declaration:

. . . non-profit corporation(s) for the management, maintenance, social, physical, aesthetic and recreational purposes of benefiting South Bay Owners, Residents and Occupants, which non-profit corporations may
(1) acquire, operate, manage and maintain recreational facilities and Common Areas declared to be maintained by the various associations in this Declaration or any subsequent Supplemental Declarations;
(2) establish, levy, collect and disburse any assessments and other charges imposed hereunder; and
(3) as the agent and representative of the Members, administer and enforce use and other restrictions imposed on various parts of South Bay; . . .
Master Declaration

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